Weed, Whites, Wine

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RIP René Ricard, 1946?-2014

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Kevin Killian at Woolsey Heights

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David Abel & Dennis Phillips at Tif Sigfrids Gallery

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Animal Shelter no. 3

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Journal launch at Ooga Booga #2/356 S. Mission Rd.
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 7 pm

Semiotext(e) is pleased to announce issue 3 of its occasional intellectual journal Animal Shelter, founded and edited by Hedi El Kholti. Animal Shelter 3 features fiction, philosophy, poetry, analysis, & interviews, with an accent on archival documents. In this issue:

A short story by TISA BRYANT on the afterlife of Antiguan slavery
A short story by MICHAEL CARROLL on sex & languor in Key West
JEAN EUSTACHE in conversation with Wade Novy
PIERRE GUYOTAT on childhood, pubescence, poetry
A short story and collage by RICHARD HAWKINS
GUY HOCQUENGHEM on the imperialism of the couple
An unpublished COOKIE MUELLER short story
GRACE NDIRITU on responsible tourism
A short story by DALIA ROSETTI on jailhouse tattoos
A poem by HEATHCOTE WILLIAMS on Otto Muehl & animal liberation

Other contributors include: Melissa Barrett, Robert Dewhurst, Tony Duvert, Iris Klein, Fernanda Laguna, Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Jean-Jacques Schuhl, Noura Wedell.

Art by: Gary Lee Boas, Shannon Durbin, Matt Fishbeck, Kathryn Garcia, Mim Goodman, Peter Hujar, Eli Langer, Tracy Nakayama, Grace Ndiritu, Warren Neidich, A. L. Steiner, and more.

To celebrate the release of Animal Shelter 3, Ooga Booga #2/356 S. Mission Rd. will host a reception followed by a screening of Angel Diez Alvarez’s film Le peine perdue de Jean Eustache (The Wasted Breath of Jean Eustache), 1997. 53 min.


Slow Car

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I’m Glad I Know You

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I feel so stupid for ever feeling the things I felt my ribs
bang against the bus when you pressed me against the bus.
I feel flushed and jostled, my life a series of small assaults
that have taken some sort of toll from me, so much so that
I leap into walls just to stop from laughing, if I were one
to laugh. And so my lumbar is silver and medicated, full
of oxygen and beams. Take it all (your well-learned politics)
in the event of this I give strokes to calm the engine right now!
I am that lucid. I am. I just forget who’s who sometimes.

Beautiful new e-chapbook collaboration by Todd Colby and Joanna Penn Cooper, published by Poetry Crush (series ed., J. Hope Stein), with artwork by Colby as the cherry on top. I’m Glad I Know You.

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What a Dump

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“Poems to Come Down By”

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I love Jed Birmingham’s pdf archive of virtually the entire output of Ed Sanders’s Fuck You Press (1962-1969), over at RealityStudio.

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Lost in Space

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