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“Love Poem” by Todd Colby

Like a Rose

Negativity’s Kiss

Poetry is inessential; the poet is inessential; I'm inessential. On the other hand, poetry is all that I am; it's all that I care about. I don't care about the essential.

Alice Notley, interviewed by Michael Silverblatt

Source: KCRW's Bookworm

“I could’ve been you”

“We’re all the same, don’t you think?” the artist Martha Rosler remarked. We were talking about Acker, whom she’d known well in San Diego during the early 1970s. “Of course we’re competitive. But that also means we can identify with her. I could’ve been Kathy; Kathy could’ve been me. I don’t know. I could’ve been you; you could’ve been me. We all could’ve been Eleanor Antin. It’s all the same. And by that I don’t mean we’re not who we are. But you know what I mean.”

Martha Rosler, interviewed by Chris Kraus, on Kathy Acker

Source: The Believer